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Stephen D. McCullers, P.E.
660 South Cobb Dr
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Cobb County Watershed-Stewardship is an environmental outreach program that provides education and training to individuals interested in learning how to protect their watershed. Activities include stream monitoring workshops, storm drain stenciling, and habitat enhancement projects. Involvement can range from single afternoon community outreach activities such as participating in a stream clean up, to long term projects such as adopting a stream segment for a one-year period.

Volunteers who wish to adopt a stream segment attend a series of workshops that demonstrate Watershed-Stewardship procedures. Adoption has been divided into increasing levels of commitment. Level One involvement educates groups on the scope of the Watershed-Stewardship program, defines "watershed," and how to conduct quarterly visual surveys. Level Two requires a level one commitment plus quarterly biological monitoring or monthly chemical testing. The biological monitoring workshop teaches volunteers aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling and identification techniques. The chemical testing workshop demonstrates testing procedures and educates volunteers on data interpretation. Level Three adoptions include conducting a quarterly visual survey, quarterly biological monitoring, and monthly chemical testing.

Watershed-Stewardship is open to everyone: citizens, families, schools, scout groups, homeowners associations, civic organizations, churches, and business. If you would like more information on how you can participate, please contact Cobb County Watershed-Stewardship at (770) 528-1482 or via e-mail to Watershed-Stewardship Coordinator.

Community Partners for Healthy Streams (CPHS) is a voluntary cooperative effort between the Cobb County Water System and the local business community. The goal of the program is to promote business practices that help protect local rivers and streams. We hope you'll join with the Cobb County Water System and other area businesses and institutions by participating in the CPHS program. To view a series of handbooks (eight) describing specific practices businesses can employ to protect water quality click here.

Assessment and action planning requires participants to assess their current practices and identify any specific actions needed to prevent pollution and improve water quality stewardship.

To participate in the program, fill out the checklist in the back of each handbook. Send the checklists to the Cobb County Water System, Watershed Education Unit and our staff will work with you to become a community partner. In return for your effort, we'll publicly acknowledge your business through press releases, displays and speaking engagements. We'll also encourage consumers to look for the Community Partners logo at your business when they select services. To discuss the details of the program, contact the Cobb County Water System - Watershed Education Unit at 770.528.1482.

For more information, please visit the Watershed-Stewardship website at www.cobbstreams.org.

Living Blue Challenge
Challenge yourself and your family to make lifestyle changes for the environment in 2008! Each change you implement will earn your family “blue points”. A total of 100 blue points or more enters you into drawings for a $100 Gift Certificate to the Georgia Aquarium, as well as the knowledge that you’ve helped Cobb County become a healthier, more sustainable community. To find out more about the Living Blue Challenge Click here.