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Outdoor Efficiency

In Cobb County we use about 60% more water in the spring and summer on outdoor uses.  In metro Atlanta the water used outdoors is especially valuable.  Due to our granite bedrock the outdoor water used for irrigation does not return to our water bodies for reuse.  Irrigation systems can use up to 50 gallons of water a minute. This can consume a lot of water and drive up water bills rapidly. It is important to have your irrigation system maintained by a certified irrigation professional.  There are simple ways to reduce your outdoor watering while still maintaining your landscape. 

Cobb County’s Water Efficiency Program offers information and resources to help you maintain your yard while saving water and money.  Cobb County offers a free outdoor water efficiency kit to help you monitor rainfall and soil moisture.  If you are interested in a free outdoor kit please contact the Water Efficiency Office.

Cobb Sustainable Landscape Class

Every year Cobb County hosts the Sustainable Landscape Class. The participants in the class learn basic best practices to protect water quality and prevent water waste in the landscape. The goal of this program is to educate landscape professionals throughout Cobb County on simple ways to be more environmentally sustainable, and provide resources for them for continuing education. For a list of those who participated in the class click here.

Cobb County Water System recommends the use of licensed and certified irrigation and landscape professionals. For more information on outdoor water use best practices contact the Water efficiency Office at 770-419-6244.

Smarter Irrigation Scheduling

Cobb County Water System has partnered with Sprinkler Times to bring customers a free web based tool and smart phone and tablet App for creating a customized irrigation schedule. The program uses 15 years of historical weather data from each zip code. You provide information about your irrigation system, soils, topography, and plants to create a custom irrigation schedule. You can maintain your plants peak health, using the most efficient amount of water. Just click here to obtain the pre-paid promo code and follow the directions provided on the flier. Smarter irrigation is a few clicks away.

Water Efficiency Tips

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Rain Barrel Information

Please Click to view information on Rain Barrel Classes to visit the Watershed Stewardship website for more information on Rain Barrels.