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Water Consumption & Cost Calculator
(For Residential Unincorporated Addresses Only)

(Note: This calculator is not compatible with Firefox & Chrome browsers)

The average residential customer in Cobb County uses 5,000 gallons of water per month. Certain activities have a significant impact on your water use. Use this Residential Calculator to see the potential impact on your bill.

1.) Enter your consumption reading here:
(Gallons x 1,000)

2.) Do you use public sewer?

3.) Do you have public street light in your neighborhood?


Breakdown Calculation
Consumption Measure
(gallon x 1,000)
Cost Your
Tier One: 1-3 $2.83 x =
Tier Two: 4-15 $4.36 x =
Tier Three: 16-29 $5.43 x =
Tier Four: 30-49 $6.36 x =
Tier Five: 50 & above $8.25 x =
Sewer $5.41 x =
Street Light Why?When the program began for street light service, there was no billing system in place. Utilizing the Cobb County Water System's existing billing system proved cost effective; whereas, creating a separate street light billing system would have significantly increased costs. The street light funds go to the county's general fund to pay for utility costs and other maintenance associated with providing this service. $4.00 +
Monthly Service Charge $7.00 +
Grand Total =

Common Causes For A High Water Bill

(Click on the links below to read more).

I only use my irrigation system 3 days a week. How much water
can it use?

Having an automated irrigation system can add up fast. Running a system with 4 zones 5 sprayheads per zone, for just 20 minutes three times a week, can add 24,000 gallons of water to a typical bill.

I only have a small leak how much water can it waste?

Leaks add up. A small leak, losing a ¼ gallon of water a minute, can add 10,000 gallons of water to a typical bill. Leaks worsen over time and the water loss increases. Even small leaks left unrepaired can damage your property.

It is only my toilet. It can't use that much water.

When functioning correctly, indoor toilets are the biggest consumer of water. Toilets use even more water when they are leaking. Typically it is a flapper, but sometimes the internal mechanism gets hung and the toilet continues to consume a large volume of water until it is flushed again and reseated. Toilet leaks can add 10,000 gallons or more to a water bill. A flapper that is unseated can use thousands of gallons a day until it is adjusted. There are many silent toilet leaks that could lose thousands of gallons of water.

For more information and tips on how to be more water efficient or how to detect a water leak in your home, please visit our Water Efficiency subsite.



While we provide this calculator to help our customers get an idea of how much they would incur on water bills based on the amount of water consumed, this calculation only gives an approximate result and should not be taken as the actual charge. Customers should call our Call Center at 770-423-1000 to get the exact charge on their accounts.